6-8-23 — Race, Predictive Programming & Alien Disclosure


THE FLAMEWhen past, present and future collide.


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  1. Hi Robert,
    Not sure if you will see this but wanted to let you know that my cc was compromised; cc company deleted my account/cc and sent me a new card. (This is the third time this has happened and I am beginning to suspect the cc company ~ LOL!)
    Anyway, just realized that because of that I was no longer subscribed. So just resubscribed. Wanted you to know that the discontinuation was not due to my not wanting to support or participate. Unfortunately I do not get to participate in the live shows often however I always watch the replays and so appreciate all that you do and share. Thank you for being you and for hosting and honoring such a great community.
    Much favor to you, Joan, Jasper, and Peaches and all of Chataria~

  2. Left my previous comment before watching. Here is some extra goodness and love sent to Peachy ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~
    Being a NEW, NEW, cat caregiver ( converted from a non-cat person who was -yikes!) it is a challenge to bring a cat into your life let alone your home. I feel that they were introduced into my life to teach me UNconditional LOVE….so sharing some of that with Peachy.
    I have a long way to go ; )
    …………….Especially when it comes to humans ~

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