1-24-23 Where Is Damar?


Here’s your proof of life, right here!


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  1. Hi Robert,

    I’m so glad that you covered this story. I’ve been thinking about it since the night that I was watching the game live. There are so many parts to this story that don’t add up. The reaction of the coaches and players while they were performing CPR on the field was one of shock and devastation. It doesn’t happen often for me, but that night I had a “hit” of oh my god he’s dead. When they made the decision to send everyone back to the locker room to “re-group” I thought, they’re trying to calm everyone down because I’m sure there’s a lot of buzz going on right now that this has to be a result of the jab. I’m sure that they have all seen and/or heard the died suddenly stories going around in regard to athletes. While this was going on, I thought, “they are stalling and trying to figure out what the narrative will be so as to not have a situation of hysteria”. Also, they performed CPR on the field for 9 minutes and it was reported that he had bruised or broken ribs. Anyone that has ever broken even one rib, knows that they do not heal quickly and it is very painful. One would not be jumping around waving their arms in the air the way that “Damar” was during the last game. Like you said, it doesn’t make sense that he would be wearing a heavy winter parka with the hood up in a controlled temparature suite. He also had armed guards guarding his room when he was in the hospital. Since when do they have armed guards outside of a hospital room for an NFL player? Also, in the early part of the video that you showed, he was surrounded by security. There were several people near him and they all look the same height (from that video angle) as “Damar”, including the woman standing in the foreground. I looked it up; Damar Hamlin is 6 ft tall. I guess all those security people and that woman just happen to be the same height or taller. I’m filing this one in the 100% conspiracy bin for sure.

    • Shirl, now that Buffalo is out of the picture, they can memory hole this event. I wouldn’t be surprised if they deep fake him in the future. $10 mil goes a long ways to securing a families mid-term future.

      I agree, that was one, solemn bunch that gathered in a circle on the field in Cincy when Hamlin went down.

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