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  1. It was rich to hear Owen “Big Bear” Benjamin and his worshipful host warn against Gurus.

    Benjamin’s faux concern is just another form of gate-keeping. And of course he’s talking to Kanye, as one does. All of it is distraction to keep the vibration low and mired in thoughts of jews and nazis.

    So the thing with Archaix is that there is a lot of written and visual material which was published years before the YT channel. Also there is also no concealment by Jason Breshears of his crime or prison sentence. That aside, no one has to forgive him for his past to be interested by what he has to say. It’s notable that’s the suggestion if you do – kind of a threat. The charts, the math and the way things align are beyond intriguing and he provides loads of information to back up his hypothesis.

    Call me a weirdo, or just an adult, but I often read, listen and look at the work of authors and artists and I don’t know much about their personalities. Guess I’m just living dangerously thinking for myself and drawing my own conclusions.

    Novelty attracts and its why the Archaix material has blown up – I’m simply not alone in seeking. It’s just like Tartaria phenomenon of two years ago but with more content and a timeframe that may explain what we see.

    Jason Breshears is also in the same bind as Joseph Atwill. The hypothesis is sound yet the culture can’t catch up as the idea is too radical so avoidance is recommended. In reality it is likely over many people’s heads as their grasp of religion and history is too weak to even comprehend.

    Definitely someone should try and counter the Archaix material – he’s actually looking for it.

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