10-7-22 Friday FARcast – Leaving Plato’s Cave With Howdie Mickoski

Author, researcher, and the man who asks the big questions, Howdie Mickoski returns to give us some insight into his new work, “Leaving Plato’s Cave.” In “LPC” Howdie questions the afterlife narrative, the past life review, reincarnation, karma, god and religion. Using the model of the Gnostics/Cathars, who saw this world as a fallen world, a world not created by a benevolent Father/God in heaven. The world created by Rex Mundi. If this is a fallen world, and we’ve been given a synthetic copy, one that does not allow us to progress spiritually beyond life, beyond this world.

On the other side is a trap, waiting to trick us back into the body, repeating the endless cycle of being a human battery for the demi-urges.
His book is challenging and rewarding, it raises more questions than offering pat answers and we get into that same dynamic in this stream.

If you’re interested in Howdie, this book and his other work, you can go here:

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  1. This was a perfect show to listen to during a very rainy afternoon in England. Insightful and thought provoking. Thanks Robert!

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