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  1. Robert when you started talking about the GMO beets–and Round Up that reminded me of having to give up Cheerios because of Montesanto. Growing up we were not allowed to eat cereal which looking back is a good thing. Occasionally I was allowed to eat Cheerios. As an adult I would buy them occasionally. And then I learned about 20 years ago they are poisoned with Round Up. PS I enjoy your story sharing about your son and how the Matrix played out for you both in Aquarius.

  2. Funny story; Mazda RX7, Red ~ used of course ~ but whoo hooo to me it was FANTASTIC and my first car! Had to beg my mom to get it. First night driving it went to my younger sister’s away VB game and was to pick her up back at our school after. It was raining so I was hurrying so she wasn’t left standing out in the rain once the bus dropped them off and don’t you know I got a speeding ticket. No joke! AND my mom didn’t find it funny either ~ lol. She did however understand after much of my pleading ( and a week taking the keys away ) that was the only reason for my speeding was out of concern for my sister.
    Way cool that you and your son are co-creating a one of a kind RX7. The whole entire process sounds like a great journey. I do hope once complete you will share some pictures but completely understand if you don’t. Enjoy the RIDE ~ isn’t that what life is truly about ( or so we are told)….sometimes I wonder – especially after the remainder of your informative broadcast today. Some days harder to ‘chin up’ when the entire processes of the world seemed stacked against humanity. We humans have got to start saying NO; Hell No!
    Best to you and all of ChatTaria ~ I don’t make it live to participate but still feel part of the tribe and appreciate all that you do.

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