6-16-22 Cancel Crew Is Coming For You

2012 happened and the world ended. This video is proof.


  1. victoria gale

    I have been on forced unpaid leave from a contractor for a federal ‘educational’ facility since Jan. 5, 2022 as I’m a ‘refusenik’. Also, I identify as a Zoroaster and my chosen pronouns are Zorro/Zee. And please don’t assume that my age (65), race (white), sex (female), has any bearing in me being the only person on the entire facility to be placed on forced unpaid leave despite a very, very good attendance and yearly review for over 7 years. And, most certainly, the fact that the great majority of elderly workers chose not to return (I was the only one) when the facility re-opened July, 2021 has no bearing whatsoever in their decision.

    • 15 Mins Ov Flame

      If you say that with agitated hand gestures resembling a geeky tai chi form, you’ll get your point across much more passionately and intensely.

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