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  1. Very interesting about the Pope. It’s sounds as if he is advocating for moral relativism which makes since for who he really serves. I’m definitely not saying Ukraine good Russia bad, but it’s a great cover for the Pope to push the relativism agenda. Moral relativism has given us the trans movement and so many more of our favorite new cultural past times (wink wink).

  2. Another thing to to consider with the role reincarnation plays in trans identity is the role the sun plays on our souls. This is purely speculation, but over the past twenty years our sun has gone from burning yellow to burning white. The intensity has increased. If the sun plays the role of our spiritual “enlightenment” it would make sense that our past lives’ memories would be closer to the surface and make more of an impact on this lifetime. Maybe the solar/spiritual energy is burning some people out and creating chaos and confusion on those unable to process the increased intensity? Just a question.

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