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      1. Yes we are the Jolly Englanders that love The Flame. You are doing great work and we appreciate your energy, courage and commitment. Looking forward to more info. Big love! XX.

  1. Great show! Yes the vaccines are a contributing factor, aborted fetal DNA has the potential for this! Dr Theresa Deischer has done a lot of research on the fetal DNA (she was looking at this in terms of autism & cancers but I think it absolutely could via gene insertion create a chimera, with gender confusion.
    Love to discuss this further at the Meat Up!!! We just moved to TX & would love to come! Will it be a kid friendly party (we have a super cool 10 year old planned Pisces who’s wise beyond his years (and often catches parts of your show)
    Let me know! We have been wanting to check out Fredericksburg (we’re just outside New Braunfels)

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