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  1. Looking forward to seeing Masaki on your show. I did not buy LUNA…I have been watching symbolism…I got into crypto last November. No regrets. I am barely down. Bitcoin has never been 100K Robert…Top value 69K…(like Cancer)…and all the symbology is definitely Free Masons…Masaki is awesome…can’t wait to hear his take. Thank you. PS I thank you because I have been Awake since late 2020 and definitely by June of 2021 when my appendix ruptured on the June 10th Eclipse. Anyway, Astrology and Crypto. I go all into study and research when I find my passion. Much appreciation. I will be ever grateful to you and your crew. 🙂

  2. Oooohhh …Regarding “dealing with all those with the sun glasses on” do you think this may be why there was a )need( for all the old large insane asylums????

    On a Higher note ~ ~ ~ the crystal bowls I play gave me this message yesterday during a session: This is about a the Heart: HEART RELEASE to allow for RECEIVING.
    May this benefit all.

    Thank you Robert for all that you provide and share. You are appreciated.

    1. Hey Susan. You are welcome. You are on a rocket ride. Wow. Did I say $100K? Because I know where BTC has peaked. I was really out of it yesterday. It was a rough one.

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