5-12-22 It’s Closing Time


Another level of reality shut downs.


  1. Susan E Cantonwine (Suzi Gemini)

    Looking forward to seeing Masaki on your show. I did not buy LUNA…I have been watching symbolism…I got into crypto last November. No regrets. I am barely down. Bitcoin has never been 100K Robert…Top value 69K…(like Cancer)…and all the symbology is definitely Free Masons…Masaki is awesome…can’t wait to hear his take. Thank you. PS I thank you because I have been Awake since late 2020 and definitely by June of 2021 when my appendix ruptured on the June 10th Eclipse. Anyway, Astrology and Crypto. I go all into study and research when I find my passion. Much appreciation. I will be ever grateful to you and your crew. 🙂

  2. Tracy

    Oooohhh …Regarding “dealing with all those with the sun glasses on” do you think this may be why there was a )need( for all the old large insane asylums????

    On a Higher note ~ ~ ~ the crystal bowls I play gave me this message yesterday during a session: This is about a the Heart: HEART RELEASE to allow for RECEIVING.
    May this benefit all.

    Thank you Robert for all that you provide and share. You are appreciated.

    • 15 Mins Ov Flame

      Hi Tracy! Great to see you. Hope you’re living your best life each day.

    • 15 Mins Ov Flame

      Hey Susan. You are welcome. You are on a rocket ride. Wow. Did I say $100K? Because I know where BTC has peaked. I was really out of it yesterday. It was a rough one.

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