4-18-22 Proxy War, The Wizard Of Musk, The Kagan/Kergen Connection


More dirt on the Elon, the Kagan/Kergens and more.


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  1. I had a hair stylist who use to work in a high-end salon in Silver Lake, CA… He told me who the celebrities who were beyond horrible and who were nice. This guy was not a liar. Debbie Harry is the biggest witch he said. HUGE EGO, Attitude, feels like her sh*t don’t stink etc. And cheap. Not a tipper. Rude. Just wanted to mention that… lol 🙂 PS Cher is nice… (larger than life, and really generous, fun, kind…down to earth 🙂 Billy Crystal and his wife asked the owner to make sure no staff spoke to them (cheap as well)…he had some great tales about these celebrities.

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