4-11-22 – The Future Past


On today’s Flame we look at what our options are to move through this time and have a new organizing principle from the deep past.


  1. Ishmael

    As far as I know, Sylvie Ivanova AKA newearth was discussing Fomenko and Tartaria back around 2015 and 2016 and this is what made Tartaria take off. She had a video on Tartaria as part of her Survivors series. Fomenko wrote about Tartaria quite a bit. Sometime before, there were maps brought out in Russia showing Tartaria and this got the Russians interested in the topic at first, before it caught on to the west.

  2. Ishmael Schulte

    I had the feeling that your Friday show got taken down because of the Rife machine. They’ve been banned in the US for practitioners to use on patients, so it’s a big no-no to the establishment and any mention of it helping with anything is a target. Your notification from YT that it was CV related is interesting since they’re saying it was health related, so they may just be using CV is a blanket excuse.

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