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  1. I happened to catch Edward Slavsquatz on the “debate” hosted by the dour and over-rated Whitney Webb. I’m a huge fan of Tom Luongo’s (Gold, Goats and Guns) blog/podcast and he was part of the panel and paired with Matthew Ehret to present the reason why the Russia is not part of the WEF.

    Frankly Slavsquatz and the British guy he was paired with were clearly out flanked by Luongo and Ehret who both simply had a deeper knowledge of the situation. Slavsquatz’s ONLY piece of “evidence” is the Covid angle that ties Russia/Putin to the West.

    Luongo and Ehret point it’s flawed reasoning to assign pattern where there is one however they were also able to provide many points as to why the WEF is unlikely to have Putin in its grip. It’s a valuable listen but only for the points made by Luongo and Ehret which go beyond the simplistic. Important because the situation is complex .

    Also going through Slavsquatz ‘s “take” on events via article titles on Muck Rack one can see he has little range which was apparent in his inability to competently discuss things Russian beyond the Covid response and those pesky QR codes. He’s doing something in Russia but his hatred of all things Putin makes me wonder why he’s there.

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