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  1. Love how you ended the show! I’ve tried discussing economic structures with others, but the dualistic system of capitalism vs. socialism is so ingrained in most people, they have a hard time invisioning anything outside of that dichotomy. I’m starting to believe a multi layered system would help us move past what we are experiencing with local trade, maybe state and fed currency and crypto all viable options…I’m sure there is something even bigger and more profound that could work that Hasn’t been dreamed up yet. Materialism may be the focus of the day, but that doesn’t negate the profound impact of spirituality. I truly believe God gives us a divine solution to every problem, and that is why the Shwaub’s of the world will never win in the end.

  2. Gen X woman here (1975) and I remember when Nirvana came out in H.S. Most either liked Nirvana or Pearl Jam at that time. I gravitated towards Nirvana. New sound, new attitude and new look completely impacted many of us when SLTS hit MTV. When I learned he committed “suicide”, I was so disappointed because he was a talented musician. He wasn’t meant to burn in this lifetime long. I was more of a metal head in HS. That was my outlet for anger and frustration. I even dipped my toe in the Slayer pool but that was too dark for me even though I liked a couple of their songs. I didn’t take the hip hop route. I gravitated towards rock (metal). After HS I did get into Rage Against The Machine and Korn (numetal), which is a blend of both. You’re, on point about Nirvana’s impact on the theme of music. Love your work!

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