3-3-22 The Gross Reformation

Listen in on a conversation from Eastern Ukraine as we speak live with a woman whose life is in turmoil. In part two of the show, we slice into SOTU and it’s bizarre theater of inversion and pivot.

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  1. The best take on the Ukraine situation I’ve read thus far:

    Not mentioned but worth noting is the biolabs were likely taken out by the Russians. Bet it wasn’t just for kicks.

    Thought of this quote from the article when you showed the Ukraine video (all phone footage without context):
    “Much of NATO’s in-country assets have been neutralized. And you know this because the propaganda and rhetoric have been so thoroughly crude, cartoonish and strident.”

  2. Thanks for this info Robert! I feel for anyone going through this terrible strife, but I still think we have a lot to clean up on our own backyard before we rush to aid anyone else. The Ukrainian video looks bad, but I wonder how many people know there are over 100 conflicts going on in all parts of the world right now. It’s frustrating watching people get so ready for war over this. We were finally getting normies to wake up to all of the lies and manipulation and it feels like we are back to square one again. I pray for the safety and future of all those affected, but it definitely seems like a coordinated effort from All sides to bring on the reset.

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