2-10-22 Remote Genocide

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  1. Don’t eat pig! Go to Jim Crenshaw bitchute & watch the vid about food…all the parasites in pork! Yuck! Also Ch!na bought Smithfield farms. Neotame( form of aspartame neurotoxin) being added. This may also be because Muslims & Jews don’t eat pork but Christians do. It’s really nasty & also you can catch viruses from pork. Another reason we need !vermectin!

    1. I know I’m not supposed to eat it. I’ve seen the videos, I know the chromosonal match with humans, but I’ve eliminated just about everything else. Besides, Anthony Bourdain loved it . . . on second thought.

  2. Great dig from Rwanda. Chemtrails containing morgellons began in 1995 as well. Commander who BOLDY refused to poison us was suicided that night…1995 N. California…I think it was Navy Admiral…look it up & share. Will be part 2 of your dig.

  3. Some good news…the prion crystals don’t affect or travel to everyone’s brain. Check out Gabriels_Horn on Gab…the mad cow…PLANNED…was on Muriel land(Rchild) in England…then moved to Ch!na. Remember the debacle with kill!ng all the cows in England? These crystals are supposed to serve as DRONE(sterilized slaves of the Queen B!tch Bee) antenna to replace our pineal, frontal lobe & v mat 2 God gene.

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