2-9-22 15 Minutes – Vax Vanity & Mutants



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  1. In Human design : “Ra” had stated that there will be a new form of human that he called the Raves. They will be VERY different, as if autistic. Their varaiable will be ALL Quad Right I believe. (Unusual type now). Something about being logical, not emotional.
    He said they begin to show up IN 2027…

  2. Ha! We are here in Washington State, right at the border and have literally been masked since 3-11, no food no gas nothing if you don’t have a muzzle. And this town in still in total fear with no end in sight for the mask coming off what so ever by our govenator. Just thought I would let you know some of us are still living in the ritual. Thanks for all you do Rober.

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