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  1. Wow, Sir Robert! Timely and vital info as usual. I haven’t even clicked PLAY snd I know you’ll have dug up information that I haven’t found even tho, with 2 of my 3 grown children vaxxed and 1 of them even boosted, this knowledge is dear to my heart and soul. To say the least. My boosted daughter, Andrea is a ward of the State of Michigan. Governor Witchner is at the top of this dirty heap so you can probably imagine the shit we’ve all been put through- especially my poor daughter. It’s worse then you can imagine. But I’m the Momma Bear from the depths of the Underworld you do not wanna meet if you go against my Cubs or even an innocent that I know about. I’ll never stop. Andreas’s father, my husband of 41 (DOG) years, Adolf is the kind of father who protects his babies. And his wife too. This is the main reason I’ve stayed married to this narcissistic alcoholic all these DOG years. This is one hellova hard row yo hoe. I’m exhausted and my health is failing rapidly. I will use my last breath to fight against these evils. After all, it’s why I came to Earth at this time from my home far, far away. But that, as they say, is another story. Perhaps one fine day I can relate in detail some of the things I know and have experienced in my 60 years. I’ve had a colorful life. That’s putting it mildly. I’ve got the BEST stories. I’m a Leo sun, Taurus moon , and Sagittarius rising. Woa, BAYBEE!
    I love you all with everything I am.

  2. Robert
    They did the same thing to late wife, said she had covjd. Drugged her, put her on a ventilator and killed her.

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