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  1. With respect, Jazz has not stopped evolving. As a former performing artist in Detroit, and a former student in the Jazz and Contemporary Media program at Wayne State University in Detroit, I can tell you that Jazz is alive and well, even though jazz artists have little opportunity to make a living these days, ESPECIALLY in this Kovid-driven shit hole we now live in. Cable TV…and, specifically, MTV (the beginning of the stupefication of music in general) were the beginning of the end for quality music. I can tell you, from a position of being up close and personal in that world, no self-respecting jazz musician was going to pimp the art by submitting to a corporate media-driven, bullshit video designed to turn them into a commodity. In Detroit, the opportunity to listen to quality Jazz music was pretty much destroyed a long time ago with the sale of the terrestrial radio station WJZZ to a corporate sellout that turned it into elevator jazz. I was in attendance at a jam session during the Detroit Jazz Festival a few years ago and was absolutely gobsmacked and overjoyed to see the incredible artistry of so many very young players who blew the lid off at the Westin Hotel in Detroit. By the way, the Miles Davis story….it was heroin, not cocaine. Davis was a heroin addict and eventually holed himself up in an apartment upstairs from his father’s garage and kicked the habit cold turkey. I wish I still had the books to quote chapter and verse from to corroborate what I just said.

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