1-27-22 False Witnesses & Truckers



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  1. As far as I know Dr. Rima E. Laibow is totally against all vaccines. Here’s her interview with Ritchie Allen from 7 years ago “Vaccines Are A Complete Fraud. Don’t Poison Your Child!”

  2. Yes, she’s been on the record for a long time. I’ve followed her since the early 2000’s, but she’s often regarded as a fringe figure so her anti-vax stance contributes to her so called nuttiness and paranoia.

    I’m talking about someone like Navarro, or Mikovitz, someone at that level with something to lose.

    PS, thanks for your support the other day.

  3. Hey Robert.
    Love the Hoople and viva the Truckers. They may have brain washed the masses, but the hardcore are going to keep on coming.
    Interesting show as always with your essential insight.
    Big love…
    Andy & Lindy.
    E n g l a n d.

  4. I’m pescatarian. I’ll eat a bean or veggie burger – prefer to make my own but I’ll get lazy and purchase. I will never eat fake meat/baby burgers or soy product. Very sus. I eat fish, eggs, cheese, etc. I quit eating meat, chicken, etc. after working on a farm. Ruined it for me and I still miss meat. lol.

  5. Its funny because almost a year to the day Robert told his Vegan experimentation story. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1AYvYr3f0Q&t=1065s I made an entire couple of blog posts about comparing Louis Turi’s birthChart, Robert’s birth chart, my birthchart, and famous Vegan bodybuilder athlete Robert Cheeke’s chart who is a Sun Pisces with a Virgo Stellium (, Mars, Saturn, & Jupiter) ( very likely Moon Virgo too imho but possibly late Leo Moon) d.o.b. 03-02-1980 Robert Cheeke really is a very educated dietician and publishes books on the subject. I had to stop being Vegan too. I really considered that Pisces of no water planets deficit very poignantly means eating certain amounts of FISH! I use to crave those nasty Van DeCamp fish fillet’s of Pollock meat as a child and always kind of liked tuna fish and salmon, even though I cringe at how polluted the Ocean is. Ethical omnivorism vs. Vegetarianism is a big DYOR sense for what’s best for your own body is.

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