1-25-22 Conversations With God



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  1. Who is Pamela to tell what Robert needs to to do? There’s something informative in every show of Robert Phoenix’s and it can’t always be found for everyone all the time. That’s why I listen to pre-recorded not live so its just a matter of skipping through what I don’t need hear him rolling on about. That doesn’t mean I don’t respect someone else’s routine activity of “rolling on about” whatever it is that floats his boat. Sometimes I need to roll on about with satirical reactions better saved for my own memes uploaded elsewhere. For instance 1 time I made a Beavis and Butthead Meme with Beavis thinking its cool his hairstyle is the same as Robert’s. Or 1 time I couldn’t help laugh at the irony that Jasper is the great grandson or close relative of “Morris the Cat” from Purina Cat Chow. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=morris+the+cat+commercial or Jasper getting frisky over the Truth Factory Cat “real content” and Rosie getting Jealous

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