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  1. I think the American public is on to the DOJ’s involvement with FFs, and any event where there is an excuse to take away our guns is completely transparent at this point. I think they are going to have a hell of a time convincing the American public that any use of military action is justified anymore. The only way I can see us getting into a military conflict is if another country tries to invade the states. Military aggression is seen as old fashion with a lot of people. Remember they have to have our consent to perform their rituals.

  2. Agree with Miranda completely.

    While the climate might suggest war it isn’t practical to pull off a “fighting” war of the old days and as Miranda observes many see it as old fashioned. Most American’s are currently more concerned about domestic issues. While the Russia “thing” appealed to anti-Trump people it really has never caught fire with the American public.

    See Kazakhstan for how well the US would do in Ukraine. They used the same playbook. Psychopaths have energy but aren’t creative.

    A Draft is a non-starter because there is a very real problem of non-compliance and then who polices that? The army? It won’t work anymore which is why it’s never mentioned.

    Moving forward conflicts are going to be within the individual countries against those in power.

  3. Robert,
    Your message during the intro of the Sunday Night Astro Live ~ Aqua Ready, Steady Go! Was much needed and well received. Your InSight while being common sense, is also deep dive/complex. Thank you for sharing. Your message moved me and I thought about sending a note but don’t often comment and while I continued to think about the process of being stuck by my own design and moving myself to be unstuck the day progressed. ( I listened to the replay this am). Knowing there are NO coincidences ( and that you have a beyond extraordinaire appreciation and comprehension of music ) when I got to the end of this enjoyable concert the last song sent chills of verification that what you had said was meant to be heard. I just had to share this YT link of a Sting concert…if you do not care to watch the entire concert please do skip ahead to the very last song and you will understand my pleasant surprise and what compelled me to send you a note. I have no real affiliation for this song and would not of expected it to be presented here….but when I heard it ~ WOW, is sure moved me.

    A Good Wink ; )
    Thank you ~

  4. I am a 49ers fan since 2nd grade. I grew up in the Sacramento area. I would watch the 49ers do spring training at Sierra college in the 80s. My son is into football. Love football. Yes, I never liked Colin (not even going to try to spell his last name). Ruined my team for me psychologically. LOL Love Aron Rodgers not the Packers because I was watching Debra Silverman Astrology… (a little too happy for me, her Astrology) but on Aron Rodgers birthday in November…she talked about how she set up Aron Rodgers with his wife that pretty actress. I guess she is like an “Aunt” or something to her, and she said their charts were a perfect match, that’s when he got his Sag stuff going on. Thanks to an Astrologer. 🙂

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