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  1. Hi Chief! Just wondering when they’re goin to scare everyone with? The “Kappa” variant! Hahaha! Sorry? LnPs ❣️ Y’all ;Qxxx

  2. Loved the last clip but especially the advice!

    We pulled our son out of the public school this year. He’s a teenager and happy with the choice. What he learns (and educates himself on) is far richer.

    There are friends and a social life – he always has plans. You know what he doesn’t have? Anxiety, pressure to conform, mindless hours sitting in a chair, wasted time commuting, boring teachers, immature classmates — I could go on and on.

    Culture needs to catch up to the idea that our kids have access to information within the internet and books that wasn’t available with the education “system” was set up. It’s outdated and needs to transition to the 21st century.. Same with higher education, of course, which is a scam.

    Teenagers especially need to be pulled out of centralized school systems. Their education should come from adults instead of surrounding them with peers. Peers are often the source of most poor choices, rumor, bullying and conformity. This results in arrested development and immaturity.

    Teaching at home is very simple and there are countless resources. Check out the credentials required to be a teacher in your state. You’re likely qualified (especially if you have a BA) or close to it. Encourage those you know with children (especially young ones) to seek out information on home schooling. *They* want our kids and we need to protect them.

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