1-17-21 Full Moon & The Faces Of The NWO

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  1. Robert, I really appreciate your articulation of the importance of the nuclear family and the specific and irreplaceable roles of mother and father. This is so true and is often not understood today. It seems as though the NWO is actively working to decimate the natural family unit which organically functions as a bulwark against tyrannical governmental control.
    Also loved seeing the photos and names of the WEF selections and placements.

  2. When I was a kid (really little) I caught cold sores on my lips from my mother who evidently suffered from this condition. I out grew those embarrassing cold sore outbreaks. She put me on Lysine because she read it prevented cold sores and it did … however as soon as I missed 2 or 3 days, a cold sore outbreak would surface. If you take Lysine don’t skip even a day…I would hate for someone to get Covid because the Lysine must be taken religiously.

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