1-5-22 Twilight’s Last Gleaming



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  1. Very good show. The smoking head thing is the same thing that happened in kingsman.
    Appreciate your work sir.

  2. Joe Rogan #1756 with John Abramson MD suggested after being in crowd to use a nasal spray made with Betadine (trademark brand name); Povidone-Iodine (generic name). He said 2 teaspoon to 6 oz water. I was going to put the time the conversation started about it but can’t find it. It used to be in the first 8-10 minutes because I went back to it later to write the info on my bottle. I think they edited out. He didn’t mention, but it is VERY important to use ONLY distilled water or you will get Amoeba caused by parasite. Neti pots (filled with distilled water & saline) are great to clean out nasal passages and easier to use than a nasal spray. (((Robert))) this will help with allergy relief too. You can’t be too stuffed up though for it to go through. If you decide to get one, don’t give up on it. You’ll get used to it and learn what angle to tilt your head when using it. You will blow out stuff from 1985. I just use few drops of Povidone-Iodine.

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