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  1. Happy New Year! To you & yours Chief! & To all Chatlandians!Great to hear from the beloved Crimis! Hope all is well with yooz..Kris & Steve! & No matter what this New Year brings! I’m going to be wearing my ‘God Given Armour’! Which looks like my skin but I trust that if it has saved me thus far on this Journey? It’ll serve me well enough to step up to the Battle & I will fight! Kinda hoping that when this “final affray” is done with..I can finally rest in peace..or pieces? Either way..we are all Mighty! So..
    .. “I’d rather mount my horse & ride out to meet my Destiny! Than to remain & be trampled into the dirt by the Stampede of Fate!” LnPs ❣️ Qxxx

  2. It’s narrative collapse now.
    I said it a month ago when Jupiter enters Pisces the mask, veil comes off and the truth is explodes.
    Malone on Joe Rogan is part of this.
    Biden backs off because SCOTUS has informed him that the mandates are unconstitutional.

    This has happened before. French Revolution when they couldn’t stop killing. Russia, Germany, China.
    Going after the kids was the red line. Some Mayor in Brazil had his ass kicked in the street for child mandates.
    This is over, Pisces is the end of the end.

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