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  1. Sounds like a nightmare – having to listen to the millennial’s music selection on the juke box while feeling merry. Obviously time for some musical education!
    Asha Logos inspiration.
    Great show as always,

  2. Robert, upon hearing of Hyundai and the demise of the ICE, I spontaneously felt like expressing a lamentation:

    Most have no power
    and limited or non-existent understanding.
    The greatest liars ever seen
    have established a grand fiction
    in the enfeebled minds of God’s creatures.
    They are unaware of the devious fabrications
    that produce the false fear,
    that are cast abroad by corrupt media outlets,
    all screeching in unison the simple-minded,
    mindless talking points,
    pretending to believe their own lies,
    pretending we agree with their lies,
    bulldozing ahead with their imbecile recommendations,
    seeing their monopoly translate into opinions of governors,
    into the convictions of officials,
    to the purse-strings of the banks
    which bolster the grand funding
    of supreme folly imposed upon the still unsuspecting,
    the kind, caring, unknowing,
    willing to comply with increasingly mad expectations,
    with only a mild sense that something is amiss,
    with a largely depleted ability to change anything.
    Such is the subtle, obscured psychological violence,
    unrecognized, un-cognized, protected by hate speech legislation
    laid down in advance, so that criminality avoids the exposure it deserves.
    So, is it not supremely unfortunate
    that beloved humanity is found in this sorry state,
    a planet ripped apart by despotic madness,
    limping along after ideologues achieve their dismantling
    and the utopia of their impudent conceit is nowhere apparent?
    Their creative destruction in their perverse philosophy endures
    and the incompetence of their superior wealth and power is obvious.
    As much as any prophet we may lament over the plight of our people,
    over the once lovely and quiet city,
    over the beauty and happiness of our men and women,
    and the former adventures of the children
    thriving with the energy of a promised future.
    Now like Jeremiah or the Teacher lamenting over Jerusalem
    so assailed by social decline, invasion, destruction and occupation.
    So that like the turning of a great wheel,
    ever increasing apocalyptic disaster visits and revisits the world.
    And all the time the spark of a genuine utopia recedes ever more from view.
    The lamentation for beloved earth is far deeper now
    than it was for the little legendary group in the Levant long ago
    it is planetary, systemic, solar, cosmic,
    and death and destruction is the ongoing result.
    Jeremiah was apparently a prophet of the great Creator.
    There was Something transcendental
    that still promised to rectify matters and ultimately forgive.
    This real or mythic faith Object we may well invoke.
    But at the moment all that is seen
    is widespread disaster, peril and defeat of the good
    with the perpetrators of this oppression masquerading as benign.
    And while their act is less and less convincing
    they force their hand and continue even more energetically,
    ignoring all objection and any clear argument against their disguised folly.
    We feel set back upon ourselves
    to come up with something, no matter what,
    that will persist to oppose and arrest this defunct program
    with a mythic, mystical power to somehow overwhelm it.
    Or with the patience and endurance to see
    how that this tyranny possibly falls from its own inherent seeds of destruction.
    However, even less likely is victory from doing nothing.
    So this lamentation is only that, a view, and a great feeling.

  3. REKO Rings are called CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture) in the US – all food is pre-purchased and it benefits the farmer greatly as their production costs are covered at the beginning of the growing season as opposed to point-of-sale, when most costs have already been incurred.

    Any (other) US farmers or those interested in getting into food production, especially meat, please explore the CUSTOM PROCESSING EXEMPTION. Selling fruits and vegetables is largely unregulated but meat is a different story. The custom processing exemption is a loophole big enough to drive a semi-truck through but most farmers don’t pursue it as it requires a direct-to-consumer relationship.

    Small farming is not for the faint of heart. The regulatory hurdles are greater than possibly any other industry and going your own way will find you constantly at odds with the law. It requires courage. And sadly, local agriculture is scaling MUCH faster than payment rails (crypto) which basically refuse to scale due to regulatory and developer capture.

    But nobody is going to starve because the latest DeFi project and untenable Proof of Work transaction fees turned out to be smoke and mirrors. There is arguably no higher calling in our current era than food production.

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