12-27-21 Post Trump Clown Show



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  1. Good show. At first I thought DJT was legit, now I can’t stand him. I agree with you on De Santis & think he may be a setup because the Dems have overplayed their hand.

    Clif Hi (sigh)… I’ve followed him here & there for years. He’s smart & knows his stuff, but only when it comes to his own specialized knowledge. He had those language based web reports that he wrote years ago & many of those language based predictions have come to pass. Cliff has obtained a huge amount of attention & popularity & this has become his downfall (IMO).

    Cliff Rant: He suddenly believes in Trump & 5D chess but this is the kind of things Qtards still believe in & yet Cliff always knew that was a psyop. Here are other weird things like SOC, Devolution and Over Wooness (“Fuck Woo” lol). Cliff suddenly became an encyclopedia of just about everything & when I’d fact check him, we wasn’t wrong but not entirely spot on. Hmm…

    I had I idea Cliff listened to your Sunday night Astro videos & most definitely didn’t know he turned around & took a course with Heather. Seems a bit sneaky if he knew she was your student. I finally signed up for your course myself. Had to take advantage of code Jasper22 .

    Happy New Year!

  2. Chuck Lorre has vanity cards at the end of his shows that flash for about a second. They’re all on his website….


    I know some dark stuff about our government and, of course, the clandestine world government which actually runs things. For obvious reasons, I’m forbidden to disclose this information in a vanity card. But I can tell you that every day, at exactly 6 AM, a deep-state satellite emits a microwave burst of encrypted truth to a burner phone I have hidden on the Warner Brothers lot in Burbank. (Connect the dots – WB is owned by AT&T – a phone company.) I receive these daily geosynchronous reality packets because I’m part of a covert group of TV writers who’ve been tasked with imbedding top secret data (e.g. who’s a pedophile, who’s a cannibal, naming names and dietary restrictions) into network sitcoms and police procedurals. In order to understand the new world order, the real world order, you just have to watch our shows, paying strict attention to the clever scene-ending jokes and startling third act plot twists. (If you don’t believe me, just ask anyone who works in television. They’ll tell you. Or they won’t, because they know what side their bread is buttered on – with ghee of course.) Regardless, I urge you to watch our shows to learn the truth. Keeping in mind that this is not the kind of truth that will set you free. If anything, it will piss you off. (But that’s okay, right? Deep down we want to be pissed off.
    (All demographics are welcome, but it’s preferable if you’re between 18 and 49 years old, and enjoy watching commercials that end with “Ask y our doctor if it’s right for you.”)

  3. I agree and have from the start Trump is not people’s president like some people believe. He’s in the big boy club. The one we ate not part of.

  4. Robert I listen to you, Clif, Jay, and it is the Gemini in me that allows me to use discernment. On the Jay thing, he isn’t using Aquarians and Pisceans as anything but CODE to beat the AI on YouTube. It isn’t really about Astrology on those shows. Anyway, I admire you all. All you guys rock …

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