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  1. Wow, Robert! Such an uplifting show! Wayne and Mark (and Glenn) were great guests and there was such great synergy among all of you. It was such a joy to watch Mark work and Wayne’s delight as the art came to life. I felt so much positive energy during this braodcast and am on such a high right now. Thanks for starting my weekend off on a high vibe! Cheers! Aili

  2. I am in agreement , this was another great show Something about Mark is very familiar to me Maybe he reminds me of someone I dont know Maybe its the Taurus vibe Also he was inspired by David in the same way i was/am David’s words inspired me enough to try something new Also another time I listened to David inspired an aspect of my art piece thats awaiting shipment to you And of course finding you

  3. Great show Robert!! You always seem to have such unique guests !! I think mark was amazing, he was like an automatic writing , artist !!I would so love to have a drawing done , I will definitely seek him out ! ….I literally had such deja vu the last few min of your show !!! Thank you 😊 🙏💕

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