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  1. Robert, I live in Riverside County, CA. I shop all the time at Stater Bros. without a mask. In fact, hardly anyone is wearing masks. Even at the dentist office. So I can’t say that all of California has gone batty.

  2. Jupiter supported vaxx rollout at the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction Dec 21, 2020 in Aquarius.
    Jupiter gave protection to Saturn AQ for mandates.
    When Saturn first entered AQ March 15th 2020 for lockdown.
    Dec 28, 2021 Jupiter enters AQ and rules courts, the SCOTUS will grant religious exemption for all. The party is over for the tyrants.
    I still stand by my prediction from decades ago which was Pluto enters Capricorn (Obama sworn in) because Pluto will destroy all that is diseased. He gives them enough rope and aquire massive power. Mid sign he begins to mock them (Lock her up!)
    Then the chase down begins. I said Saturn rules the black cube people who will be Pluto destroyed.
    And in Capricorn is who really has the ultimate power.
    Fauci this, Gates that but neither one of them had the power to unleash worldwide genocide. It was ordered from the capstone.

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