12-7-21 The Planetary Awakening



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  1. Hi Chief! Heard yesterday that in Germany..those ghouls! Who run as a business those “Assisted Suicide” Facilities? a la..”Dignitas” ? Have mandated that their “customers..clients..victims”? Must be “fully vaxxed” to book in for? Well..a short stay? (Hah! Sorry?) I just couldn’t help myself & I Howled!! Laughing.. cos it instantly! Occurred to me that their “new business model* seems to have a teeny
    tiny, little? FLAW!
    Knowing what we know about the Vaxx..& that all over Europe! Including Germany! Ya can show up almost anywhere & are..FREE to All? I dunno but…perhaps their “strange corpseration” may soon see an itsy bitsy..”CRAAAASSH” in their Profits?
    After all..why pay to get “the job done”! When all ya gotta do is? Show up at your own convenience & get yer free shot..get yer 2nd shot..yer Booster &..ooh don’t forget yer “Moronic Variant”..& then? Donate the dosh to a Animal Rescue Charity/other? The “Fee” they would have charged you for them to do..”the deed”? Thank F*ck! You didn’t waste your dosh on those..well? MORONS! I mean..if they’re too stoopid to see the tiny flaw in their new business policy? “Fully Vaxxed Only”..then it won’t be long before they find themselves..”sitting around on their ELBOWS!! With..Feck All! To do! Hahaha! I howled laughing! I’m sorry but I invoke my “uncivil right” to have me a little “black humour”! Or..

    …LnPs ❣️ Qxxx

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