11-12-21 Friday FAR – Astroworld, Gateway To Hell

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  1. Robert you don’t have to publish this. I watch Victoria Cotton on YouTube and if you can handle her way of connecting the dots…her last video talks about Sean Connery and this ritual and even the County where this ritual happened it is in the shape of a Scorpion.

  2. Appreciate your comprehensive decoding on this event. Pretty cool protective halo too!
    Flame-on Phoenix.
    Thank you.

  3. I don’t buy it as an organic event. The symbolism was too textbook as if *they* were cribbing from a Secret Sun blog post (not to dismiss Chris’ work). It was all very comic book and cartoonish so it looked super scary and demonic. The symbolism was made easy enough for the lay person to decode. Line it up with a significant date (easy…there’s always something) and let it roll.

    Likely just a distraction event with a race element (rap = black = bad) and if the occult thing works all the better. It doesn’t in this age but they still try. It did get it in the eyes and minds of many who watched the footage (I don’t as it’s contamination) so there was that.

    No cause of death yet for any of these “dead” people. Most appear to be college students and high achievers. All around graduation age. Hard not to imagine they are just recruits who “died” before they received new identities upon joining up with an alphabet agency.

    Perhaps I’m jaded but it’s far better than being frightened.

  4. Very thoughtful Robert. The symbolism and the occurrence of this event, even if the astrological aspect is not considered, is arresting and dark. This needed to be addressed and you do a masterful job.

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