10-21-21 On The Road

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  1. While Ivermectin gets a lot of play there is also another natural anti-fungal and it is Oil of Oregano.

    I’ve used in countless times and it works quickly. We even used it November 2019 when we probably had CV but were unaware of its existence. Two doses (one a day) and it was gone. Our teenager was well in one day.

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  2. Gillan was Ace! I loved the Purple & saw them do this on tour & with the release of the album.. I think it was 1971..? I’m only not sure about the year as in 2000/01..they were s’posed to be touring in the Millennium yr…but Gillan had a health issue & Jon Lord was seriously ill..so that was cancelled.. postponed..n I still can’t recall the year of the Gig..but knew it was approx 30yrs since I saw them first at a gig in Yorkshire..& it was inJune of both years, ’71..?? But…

    …as/whenever it was I was in a pub close to the venue, at both gigs.. I saw a bloke, who I know I saw, at both the gig & in the same pub.! &:So in 2000/01..I went upto this guy who I’d noticed 30ys before & asked him if it was him 30 odd yrs before? Whilst he said he was at the same gig..n in the same pub..he was astonished that I remembered his being there! I said..”well? Not really..his hair was very unusual for a White dude..it was “White in colour, very long & so “crimped” you could describe it well with the term “ZigZaggy”? But not blonde! Pure White! It was so unusual &: I’d never seen anyone with hair like he had & never seen anyone with hair like his since! It had to be the same guy…n we chatted about DP n other bands we’d seen etc.
    Still itt blew his mind that both times, in the same crowded pub..outta the many other pubs! I’d been able to place him, in the pub, at the same gig!?
    I’d never even spoken to him! Yet 30yrs later I recalled him..from seeing him for mebe under 5mins at the time! But again it was only a 5min chat.but we shared our memories..other bands we’d been into, then..& Gawd Help us…seems our taste in music had been shared &:still was..other newer bands? Yup! & we laughed at the chances of all of that & ever since..you couldn’t put a “cigarette paper” between us, in our tastes for music.when 30yrs later we “met again…but? For the 1st. time! Hah! Hi Chief! Hope you all enjoyed the PowWow..in “Jasper’s Texas”..LnPs! 😇 Y’all! ;Qxxx

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