10-7-21 Crisis, What Crisis?



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  1. Vivian, how so? Please elaborate. Warning people about what is already happening and teaching us what to do about it, is not promulgating a “Sick Society ” per your YT attachment video. I agree that we should absolutely NOT dwell on the evil- no way! But without the Light being beamed on what goes on in the darkness, the evil will continue unabated. Just look what happens in a family where incest happens and no one ever speaks of it. It is passed down to subsequent generations until someone speaks out. And that someone better be brave and steadfast because they will certainly be challenged by the other family members who, for whatever reason want the horrors to be KEPT quiet. No more! No more.

    • Hi Julie. I’m not sure I understand your comments. I was trying to say that Robert promulgates an awareness of what is happening in our society and how to move out of the sickness that we are surrounded by. That was part of my takeaway with this video. It is about resistance to totalitarianism and the creation of a parallel society. From my understanding Robert often speaks about individuals taking responsibility for their lives and participating in their community. I think that is very important. The video emphasizes that. We can be passive and wallow in victimization or stand up against the powers that be and change our world.

  2. The most surprising concert I’ve ever seen was Milli Vanilli. I loved it because they sounded exactly like my tape!😁 The guys were a couple of cuties who danced around nicely and I enjoyed them thoroughly! When I was 16, I woke up from a drug induced something or other and I was like, “ I love this song!” I looked up and there I was at an Aerosmith concert and they were playingTrain Kept a Rollin. What is it about bands that make them SUCK after they stop doing drugs? Aerosmith, Metallica. Probably others but those 2 are at the top of my list. Tool is wonderful. Love them. My husband saw all these great punk bands in the 70s. This “tough guy”actually had tears in his eyes when the Ramones were finally in the cover of the Rolling Stone Magazine. Awww.

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