10-6-21 A Siege Mentality

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  1. I lived in Vallejo CA during the first Zodiac killings.
    Scary time.
    I investigated it for years.
    The Zodiac killer was the Vallejo cops. The woman killed early on in Benicia was a low level drug dealer. Drugs were coming into Vallejo big time and the Kingpin was a guy name Buck who owned most of downtown and the funeral home (big bucks in that).
    And anyone you wanted to off was painted as a Zodiac victim just by sending a letter.
    What happened is the Zodiac said he was going to kill school children. So they had Pinkerton Gaurds riding the school busses. The Police union was set up in the Casa De Vallejo in the bar and when they got scared enough collective barganing was shoved through. Then move to the taxi cab driver killed in San Fran, the same thing collective bargaining shoved through. You can’t catch him because he wasn’t one person.

    1. At that time Uranus (collective) was conjuct Pluto (our money) in Virgo (labor). The implications are still with us. Its how you got public unions and a permanent government. You know those people in government that can’t be fired.
      BTW the police and fire in Vallejo bankrupt the town in 2008. They were making like $400K per year till the town went belly up (Saturn in Virgo)

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