9-22-21 The Giant Answer



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  1. Happy Birthday Robert. XX.
    Cracking show today.
    The Big Man deserves a proper burial and release from the grip of medical tyranny.

  2. 🎶 🎂🍦Happy birthday to you!🎶🌹♥️
    🎶✨💜You belong in a zoo!🎶😳😆👏🏻
    🎶⭐️😽With monkeys and tigers,🐒🐯🎶
    🎶🌹♥️Cause you smell like one too‼️😆♥️

    Hope you have the best year of your life so far. You are so well loved, Sir Robert. Thank you for you. 😍

  3. The Ancient Wisdom Traditions say that mankind used to inhabit the giant bodies. They were us! We shrunk, just like the animals did. The next version of human bodies is goina to be different than ours, but especially the spirit inhabiting those bodies will be different. Endless Duration of everlasting evolution. How cool is that?

  4. Something to consider: when we were all giants- probably back in Atlantian times, our third eye was operational. The pituitary gland is our third eye. It even has rods and cones like our two eyeballs in our face do. Now, isn’t it the strangest thing that disease of the pituitary will cause gigantism? It’s like the third eye and our once great stature are connected. No. Not “like” they are connected. They simply ARE connected.

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