9-20-21 The World Fights Back

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  1. Good show as always.

    The French footage of the boxer guy is from the first round of yellow vest protests from about 2 years ago. Sadly all the street protests in France have resulted in vaccine passports. That’s how afraid the power structure was of the citizen protesting in the streets.

    Is there an example of where protests – people in the streets – made a real change? I can’t. It’s not how Communism fell in the west rather people just stopped believing in the power structure and the systems they controlled.

    It’s either that or real violence – not street fighting. Nothing else works.

    My point is not to be a contrarian. I love seeing the numbers of people in the streets (and it helps boost the
    like-minded to see the numbers) but results happen when people simply stop participating.

    A recent example of this is the nurse “shortage” here in Oregon. Not a shortage just lack of those willing to participate in the system. Its had a real impact. What about the labor shortage? Is it really a lack of people or those unwilling to participate in mask wearing or jab getting?

    In any case the economies of the world are headed into the ditch so the power-structures will likely just crumble under their own weight. Pluto goes direct in Capricorn on October 6. About the time for a “surprise.”

    1. I agree, not complying or participating leaves them powerless. Are there enough people that can afford to walk off a job? When you have children relying on you it’s not often feasible. I think people reason the street protests will put fear into those that are mandating these crazy lockdowns and vax passports, forcing a change in leadership.

  2. It’s the Joker world. I never watched but I knew it would be in the Dark Knight Batman (2008) film hospital scene and there the Joker is with the surgical mask on. The hospital is no longer a safe place and never will be again.

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