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  1. Robert, I have a friend living near Austin who was born around 1960 and was given a “tainted” vaccine as a child in Germany. About 12 years ago she began finding tumors that were like tentacles that spread to various parts of her body. She had one in her breast, one in her neck near her thyroid, and one in her brain. As a practitioner of homeopathy she was doing a lot of natural remedies as well as getting treatment from an allopath. One night when she was returning home from a visit at a friend’s home she stopped her car in the middle of the road. She had forgotten where she was and who she was. Fortunately, a kind gentleman was able to help her by finding her husband’s number on her phone and calling him. The turning point was when her doctor had gone a vacation and referred her to another physician who was Russian. It just so happened that this Russian md had been researching the particular batch of vaccine she had received as a child in Germany. This batch was written up in medical literature as being tainted because numerous people who’d received it had died. With this doctor’s help and her adherence to a naturopathic approach, my friend fully recovered.

    I’ve been suspicious of prescription meds and mds since I was young having been given the wrong drugs on 2 occasions (at 18 and then at 21 and pregnant with my first child) that landed me in the ER due to the stupidity of doctors. No jabs for me!

  2. Trump is the heyoka- the Teaching Clown. Goina shake things up BIG TIME to show what’s wrong w a society. It’s a holy role. He’s no savior. Gawd I hate that so many think that. He’s a bull in the China shop of the world. Gotta love that.

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