9-10-21 911, Kennedy & Christ



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  1. Robert, JFK did die. I was 10 years old going to primary school in Dallas. A friend of my mother’s was a nurse at Parkland Hospital where he was taken. She said that Jackie had brain matter on her glove when they arrived at the hospital. So the back of Pres. Kennedy’s head was blown off. Sorry for the graphic description. My mother wasn’t given to exaggeration or lies.

    • Another Parkland nurse claims bullet lying on Kennedy’s tongue. Bethsada Naval Hospital conducted autopsy. It released a photo of a full entact head pushed slightly off table with no wounds. Was this Officer Tippet shot 45 minutes by Lee Harvey Oswald after Kennedy’s death? Tippet body frame matched JFK.

  2. University of Pennsylvania is not a Jesuit school.
    It was started by Protestants and Ben Franklin and has always had strong ties to the Quakers, one of the most powerful factions that no one suspects. Johns Hopkins, Duke, Cornell are also Quaker schools. A lot of Controller institutions turn out to have Quaker beginnings. The Quakers were also heavily involved in the Native American boarding school system when they kidnapped Native children from their families and forced them into boarding schools where they suffered much abuse. Benjamin Waterhouse, the first person to use a vaccine in the US, came from a Quaker family.
    The Wharton School of Business at Penn is a Tavistock operation and ran the MOVE project in the 80s with mind controlled subjects.

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