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  1. That was my favorite show of all, Robert. Sharon is the kind of person, just like Jay, who I want to continue talking forever. I feel that way about only a sparse handful of people because most folks simply aren’t that interesting nor are they very well rounded. I thank you for this gift, for it truly IS a gift, to me. To learn is my life’s delight. To learn and be thoroughly entertained and taught things that matter is a gift beyond telling. Just like a truly stunning book is few and far between. Here’s something I find funny in my life. I’m a voracious reader. My favorite books for almost 10 years were the Game of Thrones series. I was overjoyed when the whole world got to share in this kickass find of mine. So I know perfection when I come across it. Sharon and Jay are perfect human BEINGS in a world overstuffed with human beans. ??♥️?

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