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  1. Doloris Cannon has some books and YouTube videos on her long and intensive talks with Nostradamus. I’ve not looked into them, but she was correct on somuch, why not this as well? I think it might be worth a good look. The videos will be easy for any of us to look at. The books would give much more detailed information, of course. Every little bit of knowledge is helpful. Use your own discernment, but check it out. Thank you Robert for another great show.
    I watched your Sunday night show on 11th house YT channel and did not see our beloved TechnoBrat. What did I miss? Wrong channel?

  2. I’m usually pretty cool headed, but I’ve been struggling with anger and lack of compassion for many of my peers. My sister-in-law just had one of our good friends kick her out of her prayer group, because my sis-in-law will not get vaccinated. These people are actually telling her she is the reason there is an “outbreak”. My sis in law has the kindest most giving heart and agrees with me that this vaccine is putting the false god of science above God. Stuff like this is starting to really get my emotions out of whack.

  3. I found it. Trump declared state of emergency at ……3:33 pm………… Washington, DC.
    Leo rising with Mars/Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto conjunct in Capricorn in the 6th house of health.
    Moon in the 4th Scorpio “Stay home or you are gonna die.”
    Sun in Pisces conjunct Neptune 8th, virus/vaccine/migration.

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