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  1. The administrative state is being unmasked and destroyed with Pluto in Cap.
    They ARE the permanent government.

  2. no one mentions Capernicus was a Jesuit
    and Isaac Newton was a mason
    science says ‘billions and billions’ too much, Carl Sagan was 33rd degree. All of NASA is full of these masonic types
    they’ve had the distance from the earth and the sun revised about 20 times
    I am not a debater. My bone to pick is this idea that it can be so dismissed. It was seen as flat for many years. Buildings and railroads are built under a flat earth premise. Anyway, we are here to question science, as that IS science.

    Some of us acually realize we’ve been taught all about the ball earth in school. So we know the ball earth material right? Is school know for teaching truth? So can I look at another theory and research it? Do you mind? Jay?

    I advocate for the open mind.

    If the earth is flat we are titans on the land, our souls suppressed into duality which is the mind control we have been under. All truth becomes argument.
    Why does NASA used CGI for everything?

    It’s all opinion. The theory of gravity is still confusing. Buoyancy is easier to fathom, and makes mroe sense.
    I’ve seen an interesting premise of the eyeball idea. Where the flat earth is the iris resting into the larger ball.

  3. Total classic show! I do not know what was the funniest- flat earth with Bob P as the ring master …or what- but I had my husband dig out my Bill Hicks live dvd, He made me promise not to throw it at him again insisting it is AJ..LOL Seriously, thanks for such a funny show. Oh- love you guys so much. xx

  4. Enjoyed the show however the fierce desire of Jay to “debate” flat earth was a shockingly close-minded. I mean he actually wasn’t open to debate but just wanted to school these “idiots.” It’s all so weird when FE (or can we even express anti-globe?) comes up and people express the emotion of anger. Why anger?

    As mentioned above by Meta Medi (saying it all) the one question maybe Jay can answer: Why does NASA use CGI for everything?” And my favorite: Where’s the photo of earth? Just one. One photo.

  5. Flat Earth ? is old Jesuit psyop…if the competition…Greeks, Turks, etc. Travel outside the narrow Straights of Gibraltar they will fall off the edge…same story…eliminate competition. They headed out the straights for Britain tin & African gold.

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