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  1. Yes they do this on purpose.
    One of the media talking heads said “This is the bookend to 911.”
    Noor Bin Ladin who is the daughter of OBL “This is the same as Libya, Europe 2015. These men are able bodied of the same ideology, do not let them in your country America. You need borders.”
    Refering to those who helped the US in Afghanistan.

  2. Why the they do this?
    Because sorcery is being practiced on you.
    Something happens Feb 2022 to Kamala Harris.
    ~just sayin
    Transit Pluto sets up T Square to her Sun and Moon.

  3. Hi Chief! “The The”..eh? Hope you didn’t try to “algol them”! Unless you knew something about them other than the “The The’ band name..Cos if ya don’t then everything on “algol” would prolly get as a result? Everything there ever has been put into it! Bad choice of band name..but they’re pre-web so we can forgive them that..haha!
    How’s the Jones lad..like to see it when ya get it framed..hold it up n show me..any show..I do watch all your output..not always live but since I found you..seen all you’ve done! Anyhoo…
    “Jasper’s Texas”.?
    LnPs! To you & yours & Chatlandia! ;Qxxx

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