8-11-21 — It’s Zero Hour



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  1. Hey Robert.
    Loving the razor sharp insight on today’s show – thanks for illuminating the dark spaces with your unique flame.
    Big love from England.

  2. Head of the CDC today told all pregnant women and all breastfeeding women to take the vaxx.
    Looks like the times of Herod.
    They are expecting something…

  3. Trump’s sell of the vaccine fucked with the timeline. So much is made of that on the ‘right’, a seed of doubt. You might have mentioned it, but I am beginning to think he sped up THEIR waxxines, bringing them out several years before they wanted to. He wanted to speed up and bring out the first waxxine, thereby forcing their very early push. I say that because it’s my thinking they wanted this lockdown thing to go much longer first, maybe several years, total civil carnage, make a ruin everything etc. Then they would be an easy pushover
    Also let’s not forget China saw how scummy and heinous these pieces of shit are, so they did not allow them to move part and parcel over there. Now they are stuck and probably worried over this outcome.

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