8-5-21 The Raw Truth



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  1. Hi, I haven’t yet had a chance to listen to this but was just thinking of Naomi Osaka and Simone Biles — both, so to speak, possibly encouraged behind the scenes to “throw the fight”. I can’t remember the video where you were talking about this in terms of the ongoing demoralization of our society. My sense is that it really fits into the whole equity and equality of outcome push. Also,the fact that we’re not encouraged to value noble acts, heroism, excellence, or fortitude. Isn’t the aim to diminish our desire to accomplish great things and to resign ourselves to mediocrity — feeling satisfied with climbing into our pods at night and working as long as possible at our minimum wage jobs?

  2. Robert,
    Years ago I learned that calling our children our “kids” was put into the vernacular by the dark ones. Can you guess why? A kid is a baby goat. G.O.A.T.= The God Of All Things and it wants its sacrifices. Demands them! The dark ones think, in their special twisted way, that we are giving them permission to sacrifice our kids. Stop calling children kids. It took me a while to make it a habit. When I caught myself saying the word “kid”, I added an O and ended up calling them “kiddo”. No one is giving any sort of permission to sacrifice their KIDDOS. Plus, kiddo reminds me of how Australians affectionately call their dogs “doggo”. Kiddo. Doggo. Them’s some happy dappy sappy things. Use any other word than KID. Tell others. I think it’s important.
    Great show. I keep missing you live but I’m ready today. I wish there was some kind of way to alert me when you’re on. Is their a schedule you kinda stick too?
    See you on the other show.
    ✨Very truly yours, ?
    ? Julie ☀️

  3. Important info from Rense radio…Starlink(5G satellites turns on August 10th. To interact with Operation BodyNet(that’s the nano & graphene oxide & darpa hydrogel nano lipid that was injected into the body). Activating the sending & receiving bots cluttering up the bloodstream. The 6 feet of separation needed to see us…differentiate…completely diabolical evil. Some 1/2 twit geeks are going to watch & disrupt our bodies.
    Next day…the 11th is Cyberpolygon Drill day…Biden will try to evoke another lockdown & check the EAS System at a bare minimum.

  4. “He’s also selling the idea that this virus exists”

    YES! Otherwise he’d be dead by suicide for saying the truth—- like Carey Mullis and dozens of other bio scientists over the last fifteen years.

    I’m convinced the carnage and damage and deaths are chemically based: graphene, and some kind of manipulation of the iron in the bloodstream(ferritin? I dunno…. according to research I’ve seen, the “virus “ does indeed affect ferritin levels)

    The good news I see is that IF it is chemical, we can create protocols:hydrogen peroxide is something I don’t think they can ban (like they have NAC) because it is ubiquitous and has so many other applications

    One of mercolas last articles, from another site— cache this one you will thank me later;-)


    Disclaimer: imho this is useful for antioxidation / elimination of free radicals , not “covid”

    I am pretty sure the shotted are shedding graphene left and right

  5. Malone took the Moderna vaxx said his wife on facebook. He took it so he could travel.
    My son took Moderna vax in April, he got sick 2 weeks ago. Im not sure there is anything but a cold. Covid has very been isolated, just like HIV has not. Fauci needed a disease because Polio was petering out. Bam, AIDS which many think it was a lifestyle disease with tons of antibiotics, poppers, lots of risky other things. AZT killed a whole lot of people, the only that survived quit taking it.
    I am sure no elites have taken a vaxx.

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