8-3-21 Plaguerism 2021



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  1. ???????????????????????
    {I’m 3 daze past but let’s pretend for a moment that it’s still 3 August}
    ???‼️ Today is my 60th birthday‼️? ??
    I started to spend this day with y’all but my old doggo, Bella Rose went potty on my new carpet and that started an avalanche of WHAT THE HELL⁉️just in time for my special day. Well, the day itself may had been crappy but I get to keep my new age of 60 for a whole year, and Babykins~ I EARNED that bitch. Long story but I wouldn’t even BE here if things were different. Cigarettes saved my life in 1994. Its a true story. And cigarettes continue to keep my mug off the Nightly News.
    Robert, I wanna thank you, Brother, for keeping me informed about important issues in the world and for always being so personable. You rock!

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