7-29-21 Prince Of The Air



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  1. That Rappaport is a piece of shit. I hope he gets what he deserves. How many deaths will be on his head?

  2. Cats often can quit walking on floors And choose to jump furniture pieces due to fleas. It can happen overnight. There could be fleas on property from the outdoor cats . The fleas then hitch a ride on shoes or pants and make their way inside. Jasper isn’t having it ?

  3. Glutathione will combat the graphene oxide found in masks, shots-not just the Covid shot either-, air, water, food, etch. This information was brought by the same Spainish group that was responsible for blowing the whistle on the covid shots containing the graphene oxide. People MUST be told this. Our food has so very little nutrition in it that our bodies are literally screaming for more and more food. This is the REAL reason for the fatty epidemic we see. It coincides nicely with when our food and soil started to be wrecked. It’s so evil. It’s so damn WRONG.

  4. My mom had a hysterectomy 10 months ago and unfortunately had both doses of the Moderns vaccine.
    For so long we talked about her not getting it, but because of work she felt she had no choice. My mom was having issues before the vaccine, but now she is just totally different. She hasn’t been able to “feel” her arm that was injected since the day she got it. She’s also in constant arm pain that is put off by arthritis. She’s never had issues with arthritis ever.

    My husband and I have talked long ago that we will never get this vaccine. A vaccine for something that has a 99% recovery rate just doesn’t make sense. My husband’s job is now on the line unless he gets the vaccine. Thankfully we stand strong in our no covid vaccine thinking, but it’s awfully hard for most family and friends to understand. The government and media has really played us against eachother. If anyone is in this situation, please know you’re not alone and never give up!

    • Have your husband hire a lawyer and have the lawyer sue his employer to both reveal and make sure that no one in the company has any kind of communicable disease and or malady and that they must reveal any sickness, past or present that his co-workers have had. This strategy has put the onus and burden of proof and protection on the employer. There has been cases where employers have backed off when put under such pressure and scrutiny.

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