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    1. Hey You. I would love a link to both the rn and the man who got the lawyer. I have people I’d love to share that with.

  1. Fauci slipped this morning. He said “100 million people have not taken the vaccine who are eligible.”
    Under 10 yrs old in USA is about 30%.
    100 million is almost 30%
    So only 30 some percent took it.
    That leaves 100 million to come after you.
    That is the panic.
    Pluto Aquarius US Revolution and French Revolution.
    Right now Saturn is there but it won’t be in 2023.
    BTW Saturn entered AQ March 2020 for lockdown.
    This won’t end well for the Saturn people and I said that yrs ago when I saw Saturn/Pluto Cap on south nodes of both planets Jan 11, 2020
    So be it.

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