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  1. Great discussion, you all- I’ve never looked deeply into it- but AOC made a claim that she was from a Crypto-Jewish lineage, from the Jesuit-Converso bloodline, at a Jewish conference about two years back. If this is true, if someone looked into it, it might be important just who her family is. They may be tied up, somewhere, with Kabbalism- which has caused quite the stir with the so-called ‘Anti-Popes’ in the Catholic Church recently. AOC (claims she) is Catholic, so it’s possible, arguably probable, that she was an intelligence recruit in college, hired to front this ‘Squad’ to spearhead these ‘Biosecurity,’ technocratic initiatives. I’ve never seen her act in a Catholics best interest at all. Quite the contrary- she’s always fronting a protection racket for Islam, which is suspicious, given her denomination. Given the converging histories of Sabbatean/Frankism, with AOC being (Near/Middle) Eastern in her politics, exclusively, while claiming Catholicism, and making a slip about being from a line of Conversos, that is really something, especially when her politics line up with another very prominent Kabbalist, who is highly influential in the WEF agenda, trying to integrate a ‘Spiritual U.N.’ into what appears to be ‘Crypto Noahide Law.’

    They really destroyed left-leaning groups in the US, by turning them all into NGO-focused, clickbait obsessed groups that literally just Regurgitate talking points from the Open Society Foundation, Rockefeller/Ford Foundation, SPLC, and NAACP- which are all funded by superwealthy conflicts of interest in a ‘grassroots’ domain. Ilhan Omar herself, playing arguably a pivotal role in diminishing the BDS movement, by turning it ‘Woke,’ has been accused with some evidence of being a Qatari spy, and so possibly part of a task force- this ‘squad’ being a kind of ‘red squad’ mouthpiece for robber-baron special interests. ‘BDS vs anti-BDS’ has now been used as nothing but a straw man to destroy the first amendment in the US, with the Palestinians turning to others for actual, genuine support when they are in danger, and AOC’s recently proclaimed ‘Socialist Capitalism’ is nothing but a plastic mock-up of Amitai Etzionis (Kabbalist) communitarian doctrine.


    Here’s a short bit of Etzioni’s Ideology:

    Good page relating Zevi, Frank, and the (Freemasonic) Cromwellians, where you have the Catholics being infiltrated, while also being Genocided (in Ireland), and the Orange Occupation/Protestant Ascendancy, along with the Kabbalists, building the Utopian, messianic obsession with Zionism, returning Jews to Israel:

    AOC saying she’s a Kabbalist Converso:

    Excellent discussion involving an Ex-IDF, anti-Zionist activist & Jazz Musician, and a PHD Catholic Professor in Religion, which goes over these topics on Philosophical Ground, as well as the institutionalization of Noahide Law

    1. Great comment(s). Thank you. AOC is a cutout as well as being a converso. She’s got all the puzzle pieces in her past that fit the profile. Also, great take on Omar polarizing the BDS movement.

  2. Timeline shift to the abyss with human slaves forever is their wet dream. One Rabbi said they were the destroyers who would keep this up until they had a planet of their own. A demonic psychotic god is their god.

  3. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-hidden-life-is-best/id1567752130

    It’s the English and it’s gnosticism my friends. It all has little to do with Judaism besides the fact that Freemasons and Gnostics hoover up everything. The real power is Empire and Empire is British, now AngloAmerican. Anti semitism will get you nowhere. It’s a dead end street you were sent down by the masters of deception. c’mon boys. check the podcast above for details. peace!

  4. Re Thessaloniki / Salonica: this Greek city was still in the Ottoman Empire until the first Balkan warin 1912. When the jews were kicked out of Spain the Sultan invited them to settle in Salonica, an entrepot city, because of their trading skills. They spoke their own language Ladino right into the 20th century, and constituted a third of the population of the city until they were shipped north to the camps during the German occupation 1943 and 1944. Few returned, preferring to move to the US and France after the war. It was their rabbis that turned them over to the Germans.
    They did not mix with the Greeks nor with the jews that have lived in Greece for 2000 years. Whatever their philosophy is, it did not come from the Greeks!

    As for the Young Turks, Mazzini (an Illumanist) created a Grand Orient lodge in Salonica whose real purpose was to bring down the Sultan. They succeeded.

    Incidentally, the popular and trusted King George of Greece was assassinated in Thessaloniki in 1913 by an “anarchist” of whom little is known. Was this a first attempt to set off WW1, one year before the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand?
    My point is that the Freemasons & Sabbateans were determined to destroy all the monarchies in Europe. They are finally succeeding with the British Royal family.

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