7-13-21 World On Fire

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  1. Hiya…glad ya got “the jones lad”..sorry for condition..ive trailed it around the world wif..in a “box file” for 50yrs! I was always planning to ‘frame it’ but? Hah! Be nice to see it “looked after” & it’s only on a piece of A4 typewriter paper..so? Would ya “hold it up” for me to see it..pnt? Anytime..as I watch all your shows..if not live..as it’s hard to keep up..but wotcha gonna do..aye! Love to “Hurricane Emily”…& Chatlandia! L&Ps! ;Qxxx

  2. Me and my last boyfriend totally did the live off record promos thing we both had worked for Virgin megastore

  3. Wow! When Robert mentioned the “Ignoble Prize” and the experiment with the “magnetized frog”, I immediately thought of “crowd control” operations to “bring forward” resisting demonstrators toward soldiers or “repel” demonstrators away from soldiers,
    all by just using magnetism.

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