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  1. Redbone..I saw them in the uk when they had a hit here…”….ah Voodoo goin to put a spell on you”?
    I dare them! To come & try…”dual purpose, gain of function” me!I double dare them…the only shot they’ll get into me! Is the one “to my head”! They* are cowards! lnps! ;Qxxx
    *They “..& you’ll know them by the trail of dead!”

  2. Robert, would you please share the link with the scientist’s video you shared from your phone? Thanks so much.

  3. San Francisco March 2020 at Whole Foods checkout line. People talking about Covid and woman said “I am a nurse and everyone who is dying of this shit got the flu shot.”

    1. Dr Judy Mikovitz warned that the 2019 flu shot was especially dangerous. John Cullen youtube channel research suggests it might be tied to the University of Wisconsin reviving the 1918 flu strain. I have heard others including Catherine Austin Fitts mirror my suspicions that we had two different viruses circulating in 2019, 2020. One that was making people very ill and the ‘Sun Disease’ that was mild.

  4. Right again, Guru Robert Phoenix! This day. But I thought it would be a happy one. It started well as I was able to watch the tail end, loved the Redbone bit. But you said in last night’s Zoom that some of us might have to make a stand / confront the reality of the push this week. IT JUST HAPPENED TO ME. This afternoon the owner of the company called me during my shift and told me he is no longer going to allow people to work remote. I would have to move back to Idaho to keep my job.Okay. I was thinking about it, although it is harder than some other relocation choices. But thats not all. Now all agents have to go back and work in the Call center. BUT THATS NOT ALL. TO WORK IN THE CENTER ONE MUST BE INJECTED. CARJACKED. The job has saved and sustained me financially in terms of personal connection for this last 18 months. They let me keep the job when i had to move to Montana ( unwillingly.) I am NOT feeling the Venus love, 🙁

  5. I talked to my direct boss afterward, who has been such a kind, intuitive blessing and we have had a great relationship. He said he can’t countervene the owner’s orders ( which are probably coming from government entities since many of the surveys are from corporate clients.) And that if I moved back to Southeast Idaho to work in the center, I would have to be INJECTED to be in HIS center, also! “to protect my wife and children.” When I mentioned that is not a possibility for me, sadly this sustaining, warm relatinship instantly began to crumble. I felt the connections and dissolve. Remember, I am the person in Chatlandia who has no family. That job was my last real world human connection. Plus, I can’t pay the rent without a job. …..

  6. Here’s a trail to follow…Taurus Roy Orbison…a like the tunes with the Traveling Wilberrys & his last…You Got It were good. He had lots of taurus(singing) in the 8th.. From Texas…check out his life story. First wife died in motorcycle accident then 2 kids died in home explosion…when 1st traveling to Britain. Somehow smacks of ownership/ guardianship/mob operating in the background. He only lived to 52. Second wife died later on anniversary of his death. Plot twist.

    1. The mob is always in the shadow of the music biz. There was something very odd about Buddy Holly’s death as well. He was very much involved with the push for artists to own their own publishing rights. I don’t think the plane that he crashed in was sabotaged, but there is something very strange, almost supernatural about his death.

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